5 reasons being a taxi driver is a highly rewarding career path

20th December 2017Tips and Advice

Love driving? Looking for a more flexible working life that doesn’t force you to be chained to a desk all day? Enjoy meeting people from all walks of life?

A career as a taxi driver could be for you. And that’s exactly what it is for most people – a career choice.

Taxi driving differs significantly from many other career paths, but for good reason. And, if you’ve ever sat in the back of a cab and wondered what it is that keeps the same taxi driver you’ve encountered for years coming back for more, we’ve got five awesome benefits you’ll enjoy if you become one yourself:

1. Flexible hours

Flexible working is something most people strive for in the modern age. The days of mundane, regular 9-5 jobs are slowly fading as people swap routine for days that aren’t governed by the clock.

Taxi driving is one of the most obvious examples of such a career, and one that hasn’t needed to adapt to the modern way of working. It’s always been like this; you can simply work the hours you wish (within reason!).

2. Regular work

No one wants to run out of work, and there’s a bit of a misnomer that being a taxi driver in an age of smartphone apps that enable you to automatically call cars from anywhere is only putting you onto a losing thing.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Traditional tax firms are going nowhere and people always need to get somewhere without having to drive themselves. That means you’ll enjoy a healthy number of clients each week and they’ll often come back for more.

3. Different people every day

Sure, you’ll occasionally pick up people you wouldn’t socialise with, but the vast majority of customers you ferry about will all have their own story.

Many will gladly talk to while away the miles, as well, and taxi drivers are full of fascinating stories shared by their customers.


There’s few jobs where you get to meet quite as many new people as a taxi driver.

4. Be your own boss

Even if you work for a taxi firm, you’ll probably find that you’ll have a high degree of autonomy in terms of your working hours, areas covered and the type of jobs you take on.

There’s nothing better at work than only answering to yourself and being the master of your own destiny.

5. Indulge in your love of driving

If you were nodding during the first paragraph of this blog post, there’s a good chance you enjoy time behind the wheel.

Travelling salespeople and delivery drivers get to indulge in a love of driving (if it exists), but cab drivers probably get the best deal. Combine all of the above benefits with the fact you’ll be making a living from something you love doing, and what’s not to like?

Final word

Are you ready for a career as a taxi driver? The world – literally – is your oyster. Get out there, get behind that wheel and carve out a career that will leave you well paid and satisfied!